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Fully funded, 3-year PhD position in soil organic Carbon dynamics

Feb 07, 19
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The PhD study will be conducted at the Institute for Environmental Studies, Faculty of Sciences at the Charles University in Prague, practical work and research conducted during the PhD studies will be realized in close cooperation with the SoWa Research Infrastructure, a newly established part of the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Recent estimates propose that only a small increase in global soil Carbon (C) sequestration may mitigate recent rises in atmospheric CO2. However, there remains a gap of knowledge in the formation mechanisms and chemical composition of stable, mineral-protected soil organic matter (SOM), whose understanding is crucial for effective C sequestration as well as for better conceptualization of global C models.
The project aims to close these knowledge gaps and determine the predominant C sources and controls on mineral-protected SOM formation. The successful applicant will conduct field experiments in a common garden and laboratory incubations of soil with isotopically labeled plant tissue. Samples from the experiments will be investigated for their chemical and microbial composition combining physical fractionation, chemical extraction, DNA sequencing, and gas-chromatography based methods. 
The project ultimately aims at improving recent conceptualizations on soil C dynamics, which may advance our options for C sequestration and thus climate change mitigation.


The applicant should hold an M.Sc. degree in Soil Science, Organic Geochemistry, or related fields and must be highly motivated to learn and employ new methods and work independently in the field and laboratory. Proficiency in English is essential. Previous knowledge on soil organic matter dynamics and methods (e.g., soil fractionation, GC-based methods) is desirable but not a prerequisite.

Applicants should send a CV (no more than 2 pages), a statement of interest/motivation for the position, and the contact details of at least 2 professional references via e-mail to: gerrit.angst@bc.cas.cz.

Evaluation of applications will start immediately until the position is filled (latest 31.3.2019).
Earliest starting date will be May 2019.


Dr. Gerrit Angst
Soil & Water Research Infrastructure and Institute of Soil Biology
Biology Centre CAS
Na Sádkách 7, 370 05 České Budějovice
Czech Republic
E-mail: gerrit.angst@bc.cas.cz.

About the institution and location

The PhD study will be conducted at the Institute for Environmental Studies, Faculty of Sciences at the Charles University in Prague, which is with 17 faculties and more than 50 thousand students, the biggest and oldest university in the Czech Republic (est. 1348). Practical work and research conducted during the PhD studies will be realized in close cooperation with the SoWa Research Infrastructure, a newly established part of the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, whose research predominantly addresses ecological topics. The SoWa research involves collaboration across disciplines, the use of diverse methodological approaches, and a combination of analytical and holistic approaches to problem solving. While conducting the major part of his/her PhD work at the SoWa Research Infrastructure, the successful applicant will join a vibrant team of young Scientists and Technical Assistants, working on soil organic matter dynamics in post-mining and forest soils. The SoWa labs are located in a modern facility at the edge of České Budějovice, which is a medium-sized town ca. 150 km south of Prague with 100,000 inhabitants, a relaxed atmosphere, and a growing community of foreign scientists at the University and the Biology Centre. Three faculties and five research institutes dealing with aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are located on the same campus, allowing easy access to other researchers and resources. Both the town and the surrounding countryside provide numerous opportunities for research and leisure activities. Living costs are low by international standards. Courses of the Czech language are offered for international staff to reach a basic level of proficiency in everyday situations.

Togo: Appel à candidatures -programmes de bourse d’études de l’Ambassade des USA pour 2020 – 2021

Feb 06, 19
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1. Fulbright Foreign Student (Diplôme: MASTER’S ou Ph.D. (nombre très limité pour les Ph.D.)

Conditions  d’éligibilité :

  • Etre de nationalité togolaise,
  • Etre titulaire d’une maîtrise ou d’une licence professionnelle (3- 4 ans d’études universitaires) ou d’un DEA/DESS;
  • Avoir d’excellents résultats académiques et une bonne connaissance de l’anglais (test d’anglais à passer);
  • Avoir une expérience professionnelle de deux ans;
  • Avoir une sérieuse motivation pour les études et présenter l’engagement de regagner son pays à la fin des études.
  • Avoir une sérieuse motivation pour les études et présenter l’engagement de regagner son pays à la fin des études.
  • NB : Domaines d’étude pour Fulbright Francophone Enhancement : économie/gestion, agronomie, santé publique, environnement, science de l’information, science politique et administration publique.

2. Fulbright Senior Research Program (3 à 12 mois de recherche aux Etats-Unis)
Date limite : 30 mai 2019

Conditions  d’éligibilité :

  • Etre de nationalité togolaise
  • Etre enseignant engagé par l’université ou une institution publique ou privée d’études supérieures,
  • Etre titulaire d’un doctorat 3ème cycle
  • Avoir une expérience professionnelle de cinq années révolues
  • Avoir une bonne connaissance de la langue anglaise.

3. Hubert Humphrey North-South Fellowship (10 mois de stages pratiques aux Etats-Unis)

Les bourses d’études sont accordées de façon compétitive aux candidats dans les domaines suivants :

  • communication et journalisme
  • planification et gestion des ressources naturelles  et environnementales
  • analyses politiques et administration publiques,
  • agro-économie, développement économique et agricole,
  • finances et banques,
  • gestion des ressources humaines,
  • urbanisme et planification régionale,
  • planification de l’éducation,
  • politique et gestion de la santé publique,
  • justice, droits de l’homme et démocratie,
  • gestion du développement technologique,
  • santé publique : éducation, traitement et prévention en matière de drogue.

Conditions  d’éligibilité :

  • être de nationalité togolaise,
  • être titulaire d’une maîtrise au minimum
  • avoir une expérience professionnelle de cinq ans révolus à des postes de responsabilité et de prise de décision,
  • avoir un excellent niveau en anglais
  • avoir d’excellents résultats scolaires et la garantie de retourner à son emploi à la fin de la formation,

Seuls les candidats présélectionnés seront contactés pour les tests de niveau en anglais qui auront lieu en mars 2019


ARPPIS-DAAD PhD scholarships for study at ICIPE

Jan 17, 19
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Three-Year Doctoral Training in Insect and Related Sciences for Development

Deadline for applications: 11th February 2019

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Kenya, in partnership with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD1) In-Country/In-Region Scholarships Programme and African university partners, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for PhD scholarships in the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Sciences (ARPPIS).

icipe (www.icipe.org) is an international scientific research institute, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya that works towards improving lives and livelihoods of people in Africa. The Centre’s primary objective is to research and develop alternative and environmentally-friendly pest and vector management strategies that are effective, selective, non-polluting, non-resistance inducing, and which are affordable to resource-limited rural and urban communities. icipe’s mandate extends to the conservation and use of the abundant insect biodiversity found in Africa. icipe is the only international centre in sub-Saharan Africa working primarily on arthropods. icipe works in a holistic and integrated approach through a 4H paradigm (Human, Animal, Plant and Environmental Health) with the aim of improving the overall health of communities in tropical Africa by addressing the interlinked problems of poverty, poor health, low agricultural productivity and degradation of the environment.


The primary objective of ARPPIS is to prepare young researchers from Africa to compete in an internationally competitive research environment within national, regional and international research programmes. At icipe ARPPIS scholars are provided with excellent research facilities in an interdisciplinary environment within a structured, three-year PhD programme that includes research, training, developing research partnerships, writing scientific papers and grant proposals, and attending scientific meetings and international conferences. Scholars conduct their innovative research at icipe’s laboratories and at field sites located in various agro-ecological zones.

  • Six ARPPIS-DAAD PhD scholarships are available to nationals of sub-Saharan countries for the following projects: LIST OF PROJECTS
  • The scholarships cover all costs of the PhD programme, including travel, living expenses, medical insurance, university fees and all research and training costs.
  • Successful candidates will develop a full proposal and register with an ARPPIS partner university in Africa after they start the PhD programme at icipe.
  • The ARPPIS PhD programme will commence from September 2019.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be a citizen of a country in sub-Saharan Africa. Some country restrictions apply. See LIST OF PROJECTS for more details.
  • A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum pass of second-class, upper division.
  • A Master’s degree taken with both coursework and research in the field of natural sciences or other field relevant to the PhD project.
  • The Master’s degree must have been completed less than six years ago at the time of application.
  • Qualified female candidates and candidates from less privileged regions or groups as well as candidates with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Qualified nationals of French- and Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa are also encouraged to apply.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a maximum age of 36 years (men) or 40 years (women) by 31st December 2019.
  • Additional specific entrance requirements will be considered for admission depending on the eligible PhD project(s) selected by the candidate. For information on applicant requirements for each project, go to LIST OF PROJECTS.
  • A working knowledge of English (written & spoken).
  • Completed application forms and accompanying supporting documents. Note: please start the application process as soon as possible, especially if some of the supporting documents are difficult to obtain.

Application Procedure

Full instructions and online application: LINK


Deadline for applications: 11th February 2019


In case of any questions regarding the ARPPIS PhD programme or your application, kindly contact: Ms. Vivian Atieno, Capacity Building Officer, Capacity Building and Institutional Development Programme, icipevatieno@icipe.org Tel: +254 20 863 2272

We look forward to receiving your application.

  • DAAD is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation, and offers programmes and funding for students, faculty, researchers and others in higher education. They also represent the German higher education system abroad, promoting Germany as an academic and research destination, and help build links between institutions around the world. For more information, go to http://nairobi.daad.de/en/.

Source: http://www.icipe.org/news/arppis-daad-phd-scholarships-study-icipe