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Dr. Brad Hounkpati, graduated from the University of Georgia Fulbright Fellow 2011-2013 at University of Georgia (UGA) where he served as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Entomology, UGA. Since 2011, he has been serving as contact for Fulbright and Humphrey grantees from over 110 countries.

BSBIZTOGO, Inc., is a member of DRHA LLC, formerly Group BSBIZTOGO LLC, together with BSBIZTOGO, Inc. SARL and Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.

BSBIZTOGO, Inc. is a 501c3organization striving to inspire and provide assistance to immigrants, students and small businesses, anywhere.

BSBIZTOGO, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Athens, Georgia

Originally created to support Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.: Scholarship by Scholars. BSBIZTOGO, Inc. has expanded its services to immigrants,
international students and scholars in European and US Universities, students in sub-Saharan universities, and small businesses.

Dr. Brad Hounkpati – Social Entrepreneur, CEO of DrHA LLC, and its sister organizations, including BSBIZTOGO, Inc., BSBIZTOGO, Inc. SARL, and Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.
Former Vice-President and Advocacy Director of Fulbright GA Chapter.

Dr. Brad Hounkpati, during his PhD Graduation at #UGA

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Over 4,000 Students, scholars, immigrants served

Dedicated to provided expert advice and information on Europe and US Immigration, business formation, import & export, etc.

Helping Immigrants

From Togo, others are from Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroun, DR Congo, etc.

Social projects

Music production, community outreach, etc.

Completed project I

Classroom desks, school supplies donation, scholarships, etc., in Togo

Completed project II

Ganave High school classroom construction


 I really appreciated services provided by BSBIZTOGO. They assisted with our websites development, provided us with cheapest solutions. Proud and satisfied.

Dr. Prosper Begedou

Thanks to Dr. Brad Hounkpati and his team in Togo, I got my Immigrant visa. They helped with my travel plan as well. With BSBIZTOGO, Inc. you can avoid immigration scams.

Julien Atitsoh

After my DV selection, I was forced to accept sham marriage and my confirmation. I reached out to BSBIZTOGO, Inc. for help. They assisted me for free and I now in the US.

Ms. Fridausse


Serving immigrants, students, scholars, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, providing IT support, Import & Export, Business formation, etc.