Welcome to BSBIZTOGO, Inc.


BSBIZTOGO, Inc is committed to providing outstanding services to immigrants, businesses and non profit organizations, students, and others.

Who we are!

BSBIZTOGO, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Athens GA with field office in Lome, Togo.

Orginally created to support Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. BSBIZTOGO, Inc has expanded its services to immigrants, international students and scholars in European and US Universities, students in sub-Saharan universities, and small businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much it costs to register for Diversity Visa program?

There is no cost to register for the Diversity Visa.

2. Can someone register me for DV Program?

We strongly recommend you to complete the entry form yourself.

3. If I register to DV as a single, can I add my spouse later?

You sure can if you got married after your registration. Living together is not considered as being married.

4. We had a child after selection, can we add him to our case?

Yes. You should do so before your interview is scheduled.

Serving immigrants, students, scholars, nonprofit organizations, small businesses,providing IT support, Import & Export, Business formation, etc.