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Immigration services


  • Provide advisory services to students abroad;
  • Provide support to students going through difficult situation in the USA and Europe;
  • Provide services to immigrants in order to facilitate their establishment in the US / Europe as well as their integration into the labor market;
  • Finding employment and internships for foreign students;
  • Provide financial counseling advice;
  • Provide information and advice about housing and training;
  • Provide internships and further training for students in the US and Europe;
  • Provide information on international scholarships.
  • Facilitate access to assessment and language training and provide support to African students to meet the demands of linguistic aptitude tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, TOEIC etc,.
  • Provide information on types of visas in the US and Europe and the labor law;
  • Networking students with their African counterparts in the US and Europe;
  • Provide information on the American education system and levels of study;
  • Provide information on the least expensive airline and help new students to complete travel formalities;
  • Provide information on the higher education enrollment procedure;
  • Help students find financing for their studies;
  • Explanation for the texts and immigration laws for students;